Monitoring Amazon CloudWatch Logs

With check-aws-cloudwatch-logs included in the official check plugin pack, you can monitor log data from Amazon CloudWatch Logs. For information on how to install the official check plugin pack, refer to Using the official check plugin pack for check monitoring.

How to use check-aws-cloudwatch-logs

To monitor CloudWatch Logs with check-aws-cloudwatch-logs, write the following for example in mackerel-agent.conf and restart mackerel-agent.

command = ["check-aws-cloudwatch-logs", "--log-group-name", "/aws/lambda/sample_log_group", "--pattern", "Error", "--critical-over", "5", "--warning-over", "3"]
env = { AWS_REGION = "ap-northeast-1" }

The following options can be specified.

  • --log-group-name (Required): Specify the name of the log group.
  • --log-stream-name-prefix: Filter the stream name by prefix.
  • --pattern (Required): The search string for monitoring. See Filter and Pattern Syntax.
  • --warning-over: Set to warning when more messages are detected than the set value.
  • --critical-over: Set to critical when more messages are detected than the set value.
  • --return: Send the detected messages to Mackerel. Be careful not to include confidential information. If the amount of messages is large, the display may be cut off.

For other options, check check-aws-cloudwatch-logs --help.

Authentication and required policies

When monitoring from an EC2 instance, the instance profile is used for authentication. In order to run the plugin, the logs: FilterLogEvents action is required, so the policy needs to be attached. Instead of using an instance profile, you can also configure an AWS_PROFILE or the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID / AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY. Specify this in env in the plugin settings.

The --pattern configuration value

To filter log messages with the --pattern option, you can specify the syntax described in the Amazon CloudWatch Logs Filter and Pattern Syntax. Note that this is not a regular expression and more than one can not be specified.

Unknown: command timed out

The plugin may time out for log streams with high flow rates or log groups with numerous streams.

You can extend the timeout by specifying timeout_seconds in the plugin settings. However, it can not be specified to exceed the execution interval (default is 60 seconds). For more details, see Adding monitors for script checks.

If the log quantity is large, it may be inevitable that periodically running plugins cannot collect logs. However, there are countermeasures for this, such as reducing the quantity of logs and sampling.

Source code

The source code for check-aws-cloudwatch-logs is published in the following link.