Metrics specifications

This article is an explanation of the metrics which will be displayed in the host details screen as well as in the service details screen.

Standard metrics

There are six types of graphs which will be displayed: loadavg5, cpu, memory, disk, interface, and filesystem. The following are the metric values which will be graphed by each.

  • loadavg5(line graph)
    • loadavg5
  • cpu(stacked graph)
    • cpu.user.percentage
    • cpu.iowait.percentage
    • cpu.system.percentage
    • cpu.idle.percentage
    • cpu.nice.percentage
    • cpu.irq.percentage
    • cpu.softirq.percentage
    • cpu.steal.percentage
    • cpu.guest.percentage
  • memory(stacked graph., swap_free, and swap_cached are line graphs)
    • memory.buffers
    • memory.cached
    • memory.used
    • memory.swap_free
    • memory.swap_cached
  • disk(line graph)
    • disk.*
    • disk.*
  • interface(line graph)
    • interface.* (the number of bytes received)
    • interface.* (the number of bytes sent)
  • filesystem(line graph)
    • filesystem.*.size
    • filesystem.*.used
    • Supported by agent v 0.12 and later.

User-defined metrics

    • Metrics which have the same name up to the last dot in the name will be collected together and displayed in one graph.

custom. will be assigned as a prefix to custom metrics which are sent from the agent (version 0.6.1 and later). Because standard metrics may be added by mackerel-agent updates, even if using the API directly, assigning the prefix custom. is recommended.

Previous updates

  • 2014-09-01
    • filesystem metrics added
  • 2014-05-27
    • user-defined metrics added