The server monitoring platform we always wanted.

Precisely tuned graphs, role-based architecture, fully customizable notifications, congruency with autoscale, and other innovative features.


Infrastructure as Code

Driving deep innovation in DevOps and building upon the concept of Infrastructure as Code.

With the intuitive UI and effective API of a server monitoring SaaS, building a more automated
infrastructure foundation and achieving comprehensive monitoring is fully possible.

See your hosts graphs all in one place with role-based organization.

Features of Mackerel

Six reasons why people love Mackerel

Finally cut out unnecessary time-eating busy work and get back to focusing on developing great services.
Mackerel's got everything you need to make the very most of your resources.

Ridiculously simple install

Just install mackerel-agent and that's it. No complicated functions required.

Intuitive UI and the "roles" concept

Highly refined design and the service/role concept make for a smooth management interface.

Flexible and diverse notificiations

Not just email. Mackerel can notify you of alerts with Slack, ChatWork, and many other dev tools.

Coordinating with a feature-rich API

Promoting Infrastructure as Code.

Support for external URL monitoring

Externally monitor URLs that begin in http or https.

Graph sharing made simpler

Posting Mackerel graphs to your team's groupware tool is a cinch.

Why choose Mackerel? Take a look at what Mackerel has to offer.

It's nice that – thanks to the roll-based stacked graph – monitoring continues stress free even if the server environment is completely replaced. Moreover, the way it draws and moves is so meticulously precise, you can't help but want to tinker with it.

Takashi SomedaTech evangelist at NulabNulab Inc.


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