Using the official check plugin pack for check monitoring

Using the official plugin pack for check monitoring, you can easily monitor processes, logs, and other types of checks in Mackerel.

Installing the official check plugin pack

To install, we recommend using either the yum repository or the apt repository in accordance with the environment you are using. For how to configure the repository, please refer to the mackerel-agent installation page. If you would like to directly obtain the rpm and deb file, please refer to GitHub Releases.

If installing with the rpm package

yum install mackerel-check-plugins

If installing with the deb package

apt-get install mackerel-check-plugins

Using the official plugin pack

Each plugin will be installed in /usr/bin, so you will need to add the item shown below to the mackerel-agent settings file for the plugins you will be using. To apply the settings, you will need to restart the mackerel-agent.

If you wanted to, for example, use the process monitoring plugin to monitor crond, you would add the following item.

command = ["check-procs", "-p", "crond"]

Usage example

The plugin pack source code

The source code for the official plugin pack is publicly available here: GitHub - mackerelio/go-check-plugins: Check Plugins for monitoring written in golang. We are always happy to receive your pull requests for things like plugins to support new middleware.

For information about making plugins, please refer to Adding monitors for script checks.