Installing the agent

Once you have completed user registration with Mackerel and created an organization, you will now be able to install the agent and register your hosts. Download the package suited to the environment you are currently running from the 「mackerel-agent install page」 and install.

Once the agent has been installed and has begun operating properly, the host will be registered with Mackerel. Confirm that hosts have been registered by checking the main dashboard.

Agent settings

The agent configuration file located at /etc/mackerel-agent/mackerel-agent.conf will be used by default. (for a KCPS use agent: /etc/mackerel-agent-kcps/mackerel-agent-kcps.conf)

For more detailed information please refer to mackerel-agent specifications.

By using the configuration file the following things can be implemented:

If monitoring an external KCPS host with the mackerel-agent KCPS version

Please describe the following setting in the first line of the configuration file.

apibase = ""

Uninstalling the agent

To uninstall the agent please carry out the uninstall process according to the packaging system you used.

Please do not forget to delete the file /var/lib/mackerel-agent/id which by default contains the host ID.


If you have any questions please contact our support team at