PagerDuty notifications

With monitoring tools similar to Mackerel’s, PagerDuty is an incident management service that collects alerts from monitoring tools and reports problems by sending notifications. In the event of an incident, notifications can be received as an email, SMS, or a push notification.

By coordinating with PagerDuty, alert notifications from monitoring rules which have been configured in Mackerel can be sent to PagerDuty as incident notifications. PagerDuty will be notified when there is an alert and also when an alert has been resolved.


Integrating PagerDuty

Coordination with PagerDuty can be configured by accessing the PagerDuty form in the Channels page.


To Integrate PagerDuty into Mackerel we are using PagerDuty's Integration API. To get the service key please go through the following steps.

  • Select the Services tab from the top of the screen.
  • Click on Add New Service.
  • Enter a Name and choose a Policy.
    • (Tip) From Escalation Policies at the top of the screen it's possible to create your own Policy.
  • Under Integration Type, select Use our API directly and click Add Service.
    • Confirm Events API v1 is selected.
  • In the center of the screen, the Service Key will be displayed as the lower figure.


It's also possible to choose which alert notifications you want to be sent to PagerDuty based on status. The options are Warning & Critical or Critical only.

  • Warning & Critical
    • If either a Warning or Critical alert occurs an incident notification will be sent to PagerDuty.
    • When the status has returned to normal, PagerDuty's incident will be automatically resolved.
    • If the status changes from Warning to Critical, a notification will be sent to PagerDuty, however a new incident will not be created. Rather, this change will appear as an update on the previous Warning incident.
  • Critical Only
    • An incident notification will be sent to PagerDuty only for a Critical alert, not for a Warning alert.
    • When the status has returned to normal, PagerDuty's incident will be automatically resolved.
    • When the status transitions to Warning, PagerDuty will do nothing.


If you have any questions please contact our support team at