Metric plugins - mackerel-plugin-accesslog

mackerel-plugin-accesslog aggregates the web server access logs every minute and allows you to monitor metrics such as the number of accesses per status code.

Supported log formats

  • Logs in common Apache formats, such as Apache and Nginx (Common / Combined)
  • LTSV

Monitorable metrics

Access Num

Counts of accesses per status code.

Metric Display Name Metric Name Diff Stacked Description
Total Count accesslog.access_num.total_count Total number of accesses
HTTP 2xx Count accesslog.access_num.2xx_count Number of status code 2xx
HTTP 3xx Count accesslog.access_num.3xx_count Number of status code 3xx
HTTP 4xx Count accesslog.access_num.4xx_count Number of status code 4xx
HTTP 5xx Count accesslog.access_num.5xx_count Number of status code 5xx

Access Rates

Percentage of each status code.

Metric Display Name Metric Name Diff Stacked Description
HTTP 2xx Percentage accesslog.access_rate.2xx_percentage Percentage of 2xx
HTTP 3xx Percentage accesslog.access_rate.3xx_percentage Percentage of 3xx
HTTP 4xx Percentage accesslog.access_rate.4xx_percentage Percentage of 4xx
HTTP 5xx Percentage accesslog.access_rate.5xx_percentage Percentage of 5xx

Latency (Available only LTSV)


Metric Display Name Metric Name Diff Stacked Description
Average accesslog.latency.average Average
90 Percentile accesslog.latency.90_percentile 90 percentile
95 Percentile accesslog.latency.95_percentile 95 percentile
99 Percentile accesslog.latency.99_percentile 99 percentile

Configurable options

Option Description Default
--format Specify the format of the access log at apache or ltsv. auto
--metric-key-prefix Specify metric name prefix. accesslog
--posfile Directory path where posfile are saved. See beside the column.
--no-posfile Aggregate for all logs without using posfile. false
  • About posfile
    • The aggregate results of the latest log will be saved. The next time it is run, the difference will be posted as a metric
    • By default, it is stored in /var/tmp/mackerel-agent/mackerel-plugin-accesslog.d

Example configuration

To monitor the access log /path/to/access.log, do the following.

command = ["mackerel-plugin-accesslog", "/path/to/access.log"]