Mackerel API Documents (v0)


  • The base URL is ( for KCPS users)
  • POST/PUT input and the success response should be in JSON (application/json).
  • Please specify JSON that is valid against RFC.
  • X-Api-Key header (required): the API key of the organization to which targeted hosts and services belong.
    • You can see your API keys in the Dashboard.
    • Each API key's Read and Write permissions can be configured.
      • API keys that only have Read permission cannot be used for APIs that require Write permission.


Data types

  • Host ID <hostId>
    • This is a string that is provided by Mackerel when a host is registered. It is used to distinguish and identify each unique host the agent is running on.
  • Service name <serviceName>
    • This is the name of a service registered with Mackerel.

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This is the page containing Mackerel's instructional documents.