Mandatory 2-Step Authentication

What is mandatory 2-Step Authentication?

Enabling mandatory 2-Step Authentication in a Mackerel organization will require the user to set up 2-Step Authentication in order to access the organization. This will strengthen the security of the organization and help protect customer resources.

Enabling mandatory 2-Step Authentication

  1. The organization owner must have 2-Step Authentication enabled. If not yet enabled, you can follow the steps described in Using 2-Step Authentication.
  2. Go to the Organization's Settings page and turn on the Mandatory 2-Step Authentication option. This can be done by any user with administrative privileges or above.

Once configured, users who do not have 2-Step Authentication enabled will not be able to access the organization until it is enabled.

What do you lose when 2-Step Authentication is mandatory?

Organizations that require 2-Step Authentication are subject to some restrictions in order to prevent the organization from becoming impossible to manage.

  • Ownership of an organization that requires 2-Step Authentication can not be transfered to a user who does not have 2-Step Authentication configured.
  • If one or more organization requires 2-Step Authentication, the owner will not be able to cancel their 2-Step Authentication.
  • An owner can not delete their login password
  • The Password option cannot be removed as an Accessible authentication method of an organization that requires 2-Step Authentication.

These restrictions can be avoided by turning off mandatory 2-Step Authentication. Additionally, if you have multiple organizations, this will not impact organizations where 2-Step Authentication is not required.