User permissions

In Mackerel, there are four permissions that vary in strength. In order of strength, they are: Owner, Manager, Collaborator, and Viewer.

  • Owner
    • User with the highest authority in the organization
    • In addition to the authority of Manager, the Owner can also make changes to the plan and payment method.
    • Each organization has one Owner (limited to one position)
    • When an owner leaves the management of the organization due to retirement, transfer, or other reasons, please ensure that another member is designated as the owner in advance
  • Manager
    • Users who can perform all configurations associated with the organization (excluding plan and payment method)
    • The Manager can create, view, edit, delete an API key, invite and delete members, and configure AWS/Azure/Google Cloud Integrations
  • Collaborator
    • Users who can perform various settings, changes, deletions, etc. within the organization
    • The Collaborator can create/edit/delete services and roles, monitor rules, notification channels, and various configurations
    • The Collaborator can not view or create API keys
  • Viewer
    • Users who can only view items within the organization

User permission settings can be configured at the time of user invite or from the members tab of the organization (Manager authority or higher is required).

The operations that are possible / impossible for each permission are as follows.

Owner Manager Collaborator Viewer
Change/cancel plan × × ×
Change payment info × × ×
Delete organization × × ×
Create/view/edit/delete API key × ×
View payment info × ×
Create/edit/delete AWS/Azure/Google Cloud Integration settings × ×
invite/edit/delete members × ×
Edit organization settings × ×
Disable Notification at Organizations × ×
Host configurations (status changes or retirement) ×
Create/edit/delete services and roles ×
Create/edit/delete monitor rules and downtime ×
Create/edit/delete notification channels ×
Make a note to alert, Close alerts ×
Create/edit/delete custom dashboards ×
Edit graph settings, Delete graph ×
Create/edit/delete graph annotations ×
Create/edit/delete graphboards ×
Post the graph to the channel, create/delete graph sharing URLs ×
View Services/Roles/Hosts
View monitor rules/notification channels/alerts
View graphs/custom dashboards/graph annotations
View graphboards
View graph sharing URLs
View AWS/Azure/Google Cloud Integration settings, member list, organization settings