AWS Integration - SES

Mackerel supports obtaining and monitoring Amazon Simple Email Service metrics in AWS Integration. When integrating with AWS Integration, billable targets are determined using the conversion 1 Region = 1 Micro Host. In addition to this, depending on the number of metrics retrieved, you may be charged for exceeding the maximum number of metrics per micro host.

Please refer to the following page for AWS Integration configuration methods and a list of supported AWS services.
AWS Integration

Obtaining metrics

The metrics obtainable with AWS Integration's support for SES are as follows. For Metric explanations, refer to the AWS help page.
Monitoring Your Amazon SES Sending Activity
Viewing Metrics for Amazon SES Email Receiving

The maximum number of metrics obtainable is 10 + 2 × (number of rules) + 1 × (number of CloudWatch event destination configurations).

Graph name Metric Metric name in Mackerel Unit Statistics
Email Sending Events Send
integer Sum
Reputation Reputation.BounceRate
percentage Average
Email Receiving Failure PublishFailure
integer Sum
Sent Last 24 Hours - ses.sent_last_24_hours.sent integer -
Delivery Delay DeliveryDelay ses.delivery_delay.DIMENSION_NAME.DIMENSION_VALUE integer Sum
  • The following items in "Metric name in Mackerel" are set as follows.
    • RULE_NAME: The SES RuleName
    • DIMENSION_NAME: The name of the dimension set in the configuration set's CloudWatch event destination
    • DIMENSION_VALUE: The value of the dimension set in the configuration set's CloudWatch event destination


  • Tag filtering for hosts is not available with AWS Integration SES support.
  • Assigning roles by tags is not available with AWS Integration SES support.
  • The Email Sending Events "Open" and "Click" occur when using Configuration Sets and Open/Click events have been captured. Refer to the AWS Help page for more details.
  • "Delivery Delay" uses Configuration Sets and event destinations must be set to the DELIVERY_DELAY event type. See the AWS documentation for more details.
  • The values of DIMENSION_NAME andDIMENSION_VALUE under "Metric name in Mackerel" are processed in the following cases.
    Also, If the processed metric name matches another metric name, the retrieved metric may be incorrect.
    • If the CloudWatch event destination has multiple dimensions, the string connected with "_" (underscore) will be applied.
    • If the string length exceeds 100 characters, the excess will be truncated.
    • Any "." (Dot) or "@" (at sign) included in DIMENSION_VALUE is replaced with an "_" (underscore).