Metric plugins - mackerel-plugin-multicore

Mackerel-plugin-multicore is a plugin for monitoring multi-core CPUs. In the system metrics, the cpu value is the sum of all cores. In contrast, this plugin posts usage per core as a metric.

Monitorable metrics

MultiCore CPU

Metric Display Name Metric Name Diff Stacked Description
user custom.multicore.cpu.#.user Time spent in user mode
nice custom.multicore.cpu.#.nice Time spent in user mode with low priority (nice)
system custom.multicore.cpu.#.system Time spent in system mode
idle custom.multicore.cpu.#.idle Time spent in the idle task
iowait custom.multicore.cpu.#.iowait Time waiting for I/O to complete
irq custom.multicore.cpu.#.irq Time spent processing interrupts
softirq custom.multicore.cpu.#.softirq Time spent processing softirqs
steal custom.multicore.cpu.#.steal In a virtualized environment, time when the guest OS is not allocated CPU by the host OS or hypervisor
guest custom.multicore.cpu.#.guest Time used by the virtual CPU of the guest OS
guestNice custom.multicore.cpu.#.guestNice Time used by the virtual CPU of the niced guest OS

Post each value of cpu0 etc. in /proc/stat. # is replaced by cpu0, etc.

MultiCore loadavg5 per core

Metric Display Name Metric Name Diff Stacked Description
loadavg5 custom.multicore.loadavg_per_core.loadavg5 The value of loadavg5 divided by the number of CPU cores

Post the value of loadavg5 in /proc/loadavg.

Configurable options

Option Short Description Default
--tempfile Specify the destination file path for tempfile
--help -h Show Help
  • The tempfile records the latest execution results
  • By default, it is created under /var/tmp/mackerel-agent/ as mackerel-plugin-multicore

Example configuration

command = ["mackerel-plugin-multicore"]