Azure Integration - Virtual Machine

Mackerel supports obtaining and monitoring Virtual Machine metrics in Azure Integration.

Please refer to the following page for Azure Integration configuration methods and a list of supported Azure services.
Azure Integration

Obtaining metrics

The metrics obtainable with Virtual Machine Azure Integration support are as follows. For metric explanations, refer to the Azure help page.

Graph name Metric Metric name in Mackerel Unit Aggregation Type
CPU Percentage CPU azure.virtual_machine.cpu.percent percentage Average
Disk IOPS Disk Read Operations/Sec
Disk Write Operations/Sec
iops Average
Network In/Out Network In
Network Out
bytes Total
Disk Read/Write Bytes Disk Read Bytes
Disk Write Bytes
bytes Total

Using with mackerel-agent

If mackerel-agent has already been installed on the target Virtual Machine instance, host information from Mackerel will automatically be integrated and registered as one host. It will not be counted twice as a billable host.

If you prefer a more detailed style of monitoring with AWS Integration, we recommend installing mackerel-agent for Virtual Machine.