Metric plugins - mackerel-plugin-windows-server-sessions

mackerel-plugin-windows-server-sessions can monitor the number of sessions on Windows shared folders as a metric.

Monitorable metrics

Windows Server Sessions

Metric Display Name Metric Name Diff Stacked Description
count Number of shared folder sessions
  • The # in the metric name is replaced by the computer name.
  • Post the number of sessions displayed by the net session command.
    • This is not the number of users logged in via remote desktop, etc.

Example configuration

command = ["mackerel-plugin-windows-server-sessions"]


Metric not posted

This plugin retrieves information from Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfNet_Server class of WMI, Windows Management Instrumentation. If the metric is not posted, run the following command at the command prompt to isolate the cause.

WMIC PATH Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfNet_Server GET ServerSessions /FORMAT:CSV

If it works properly, the output result is as follows.

<Computer Name>,0

If an error occurs, a problem on the WMI side is suspected. Check the Event Viewer for WMI-related errors.