Check plugins - check-ntservice

check-ntservice is a plugin that monitors whether Windows services are running.

Configurable options

Option Short Required Description
--service-name -s Monitor services that contain the specified string
--exclude-service -x Exclude from monitoring if the specified string is contained
--list-service -l Displays a list of service names
--exact Check the service name for exact match
  • Multiple specification of options and specification by regular expressions are not supported.
  • --exact has been enabled for plugins shipped with mackerel-agent v0.78.0 and later.

Example configuration

To monitor the availability of the W3SVC service, configure as follows.

command = ["check-ntservice", "--service-name", "W3SVC"]

To check the above settings manually, you can run the following at the command prompt.

  • The path to the command must be included in the PATH system environment variable.
check-ntservice --service-name W3SVC


  • You can confirm the service name in advance by executing the command with the --list-service option.
check-ntservice --list-service


Unintended service outages are detected.

Because check-ntservice checks for services containing the string specified in the --service-name option, it may detect unintended service outages.

In this case, use the --exact or --exclude-service option to identify the target service or exclude services that contain unnecessary strings.

For example, if you have two services running, foo and foobar, and you want to monitor foo, you can simply specify the --exact option as follows.

command = ["check-ntservice", "--service-name", "foo", "--exact"]

It may also be excluded by specifying the --exclude-service option as follows.

command = ["check-ntservice", "--service-name", "foo", "--exclude-service", "foobar"]

When the specified service is not found, an UNKNOWN alert is emitted.

An UNKNOWN alert with the message service does not exist. is caused when a service specified in the condition is not found.

Please check whether the correct service name is specified or not by utilizing the --list-service option.