Azure Integration - SQL Database

Mackerel supports obtaining and monitoring SQL Database metrics in Azure Integration. When integrating with Azure Integration, billable targets are determined using the conversion 1 Instance = 1 Micro Host.

Please refer to the following page for Azure Integration configuration methods and a list of supported Azure services.
Azure Integration

Obtaining metrics

The metrics obtainable with Azure Integration’s SQL Database support are as follows. For Metric explanations, refer to the Azure help page.

The maximum number of metrics obtainable is 12.

Graph name Metric Metric name in Mackerel Unit Aggregation Type
CPU cpu_percent azure.sql_database.cpu_percent percentage Average
Data Read physical_data_read_percent azure.sql_database.physical_data_read_percent percentage Average
Log Write log_write_percent azure.sql_database.log_write_percent percentage Average
DTU dtu_used azure.sql_database.dtu.used float Average
DTU Consumption dtu_consumption_percent azure.sql_database.dtu_consumption_percent percentage Average
In-Memory OLTP storage xtp_storage_percent azure.sql_database.xtp_storage_percent percentage Average
Connections connection_successful
integer Total
Deadlocks deadlock azure.sql_database.deadlock_count integer Total
Workers workers_percent azure.sql_database.workers_percent percentage Average
Sessions sessions_percent azure.sql_database.sessions_percent percentage Average