AWS Integration - EC2

Mackerel supports obtaining and monitoring Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) metrics in AWS Integration.

Please refer to the following page for AWS Integration configuration methods and a list of supported AWS services.
AWS Integration

Obtaining metrics

The metrics obtainable with AWS Integration’s EC2 support are as follows. For Metric explanations, refer to the AWS help page.

Graph name Metric Metric name in Mackerel Unit Statistics
CPU CPUUtilization ec2.cpu.used percentage Average
CPU Credit CPUCreditUsage
integer Average
Disk OPS DiskReadOps
integer Average
Disk IO DiskReadBytes
bytes Average
Network Traffic NetworkIn
bytes Average
Network Packets NetworkPacketsIn
integer Average
Status Check Failed StatusCheckFailed_Instance
integer Average


Among the graphs/metrics obtainable with AWS Integration, metrics included in the following graph are usually obtained in 5 minute intervals.

  • CPU
  • CPU Credit
  • Disk OPS
  • Disk IO
  • Network Traffic
  • Network Packets
  • Status Check Failed

This is specified by the AWS CloudWatch API.

When creating monitoring rules for metrics with a 5-minute interval, the “condition duration” can only be configured for “monitoring an average value of 1 minute” (if any other value is selected, monitoring will not be done due to insufficient data points necessary for calculating the average value).

In addition, if this granularity is continually used, Mackerel metrics will be rounded to NULL as a result of the ratio of valid data points, and will not be displayed in graphs. (For more information on Mackerel’s metric retention granularity, please refer to the Mackerel Overview - Metric Retention)

If you would like to check metric data from Mackerel retroactively past 25 hours, please use the separate AWS EC2 Detail Monitoring (* an AWS paid option). With Detail Monitoring, metrics obtainable by the AWS CloudWatch API will also have an interval of 1 minute and will be saved even when rounded and 25 hours or more has passed (※ CPU Credit metrics are excluded by the AWS CloudWatch API specifications).