AWS Integration - Billing

Mackerel supports obtaining and monitoring AWS Billing metrics with AWS Integration. When integrating with AWS Integration, billable targets are determined using the conversion 1 management account = 1 Micro Host. In addition to this, charges may be incurred if the maximum number of retrievable metrics per micro host is exceeded.

Please refer to the following page for AWS Integration configuration methods and a list of supported AWS services.
AWS Integration

Billing alerts must be enabled in order to integrate metrics for estimated charges. Refer to Enabling billing alerts for configuration methods.

Obtaining metrics

The metrics obtainable with AWS Integration's Billing support are as follows. For Metric explanations, refer to the AWS help page.

The maximum number of metrics obtainable is 1 + 1 × (number of member accounts) + 3 × (number of budgets).

Enter the member account ID in place of ACCOUNT_ID in the metric name . (Example: 217452466226, etc.)

Graph name Metric Metric name in Mackerel Unit Statistics
Estimated Charges EstimatedCharges float Maximum
Estimated Charges By Account EstimatedCharges billing.estimated_charges_by_account.ACCOUNT_ID float Maximum
Budgets - billing.budgets.#.actual
float -
  • Enter the budget name in place of # in "Metric name in Mackerel". If the budget name contains characters that cannot be used in metric names, those characters will be encoded.


  • Assigning roles by tags is not available with AWS Integration Billing support.
  • The estimated charge is updated several times a day and the budget is updated at least once a day. This is a specification of AWS.