Setting up mackerel-container-agent on Amazon ECS

This document details the setup process for mackerel-container-agent on Amazon ECS.

Operating conditions

The following conditions must be met in order to run mackerel-container-agent.

  • When using an EC2 launch type
    • Amazon ECS Container Agent version 1.26.1 or later
  • When using a Fargate launch type
    • AWS Fargate platform version 1.3.0 or later

If you encounter a problem with the operation of mackerel-container-agent, please make sure that your environment meets these requirements.

Point to note regarding billing

For every one task, a micro host will be registered in Mackerel. Please note that charges will occur if using a paid plan. For more details, refer to FAQ · Calculating the number of hosts.

Add containers to the task definitions

Add the mackerel-container-agent container to the task definition that you want to monitor. Add the mackerel-container-agent with the following configuration from the task definition's 'Add container' option.

Item Value
container name mackerel-container-agent
image mackerel/mackerel-container-agent:latest
memory limit hard limit: 128
environment variable (key: value) MACKEREL_CONTAINER_PLATFORM: "ecs"

cgroupfs and docker.sock mounts are no longer required. Please see Setting up mackerel-container-agent on Amazon ECS(default, bridge, host, none network mode) for previous configurations.

Refer to the 'Agent configuration' section here when using roles and plugins.

CloudFormation template (YAML)

  Type: AWS::ECS::TaskDefinition
      - FARGATE
    NetworkMode: awsvpc
    Memory: 512
    Cpu: 256
      - Name: alpine
        Image: alpine:latest
        Memory: 64
          - sh
          - -c
          - "/bin/sh -c \"while true; do sleep 1; done\""
        Essential: true
      - Name: mackerel-container-agent
        Image: mackerel/mackerel-container-agent:latest
        Memory: 128
            Value: ecs
          - Name: MACKEREL_APIKEY
            Value: <YOUR_MACKEREL_APIKEY>
        Essential: false

Start monitoring

Execute the task to which mackerel-container-agent was added and start monitoring.

If this does not work, take a look at the task log.


If using the bridge Network Mode in the EC2 Launch Type, network interface metadata will only be collected from mackerel-container-agent containers. Note that network interface metadata from other containers included in the task will not obtained.