Configuring Downtime

You can temporarily pause monitoring for specified times or periods, preventing alerts from being issued for anticipated events such as batch processing or maintenance periods.


  • During the downtime period, no alerts will be generated or notified for monitoring rules that match the specified conditions.
    • This feature does not inhibit the operations of agents, such as posting metrics or executing check monitoring; these activities will continue throughout the downtime period.
  • There is no limit to the number of downtime configurations.

Configuring downtime

This can be configured from the Create Downtime screen.

Basic configuration

Configuration item Description
Name Specify the name of downtime configuration.
Note Leave notes about the downtime configuration, including details and objectives.

Downtime period

Configuration item Description
Start date and time Specify the start date and time for the downtime.
If you want to enable downtime on the last day of the month, set the date to the 31st; downtime will be enabled even if the last day of the month is the 28th, 29th, or 30th.
Downtime period Specify the duration of the downtime starting from the start date and time.
Recurrence settings Set to Enabled if the downtime should repeat at regular intervals.

When repeat setting is set to Enabled, the following items can be specified:

Configuration item Description
Every Specify the interval at which the downtime repeats as hour, day, week, month, year.
If week is selected, please check the specific days of the week.
End date and time of the downtime Specify the end date and time for the downtime. Select Disabled for indefinite repetition.

Scope refinement

Configuration item Description
Services / Roles Specify the services / roles to be included or excluded from the downtime.
Monitors Specify the monitoring rules to be included or excluded from the downtime.

Specifying refinement settings are AND conditions.


  • Monitoring matching the conditions will be completely halted during the downtime period. No alerts will be issued or notified retrospectively after the period ends.
    • Even if events related to suppressed alerts are resolved after the downtime period, no notification to close the alert will be issued since no alert was raised.
  • Please note that due to Mackerel specifications, if downtime starts on Sunday and exceeds 24 hours, downtime will be ignored after 24 hours.
    • For example, if the downtime start time is set to Sunday 00:00 and the downtime period is set to 24 hours and 30 minutes, monitoring will not stop on Monday from 00:00 to 00:30. The same is true for a repeating setting.
    • For downtime beginning on Sunday, the duration should not exceed 24 hours.