notifications is a web service offering an API that can be used to easily have notifications sent to your Jabber account or iPhone.


By using in coordination with Mackerel you can receive notifications sent through containing alert information from hosts being monitored by Mackerel.

Adding as a notification channel can be added as a new channel and configured from the form in the Channels page.

HTTP POST is being used as the API source for notifications to

To register the notification channel, other than creating a channel name, you will need enter the username you entered when you registered with and, if needed, the API authentication settings.

  • Open the API authentication page in
  • Select the type of authentication setting you want to use and enter any required information.

  • click Change.

If you have decided to use password authentication or secret key authentication, you will need to enter the same password or key you created here in Mackerel when registering as a notification channel.


If you have any questions please contact our support team at