Termination schedule for the notification channel "im.kayac"

Service for, one of Mackerel’s notification partners, will end on October 31st, 2017.

Additionally, integration with Mackerel will also be ending according to the following schedule.

  • The im.kayac feature will no longer be available as a notification destination for Mackerel following our regular release on Thursday, October 26th.
    • Creating a new im.kayac channel in Channel Settings will no longer be available
    • Existing registered im.kayac channels will no longer be displayed in the channel list
    • Notifications will no longer be sent for existing registered im.kayac channels
  • After stoppage of the feature has been completed, data for existing registered im.kayac channels will be deleted as soon as preparations are complete
    • Date and time are still pending (As of now, there is no announcement schedule regarding the date and time)

This concludes the termination schedule.

im.kayac, thank you for providing a great service for such a long time.

Thank you for choosing Mackerel.