Google Cloud Integration - Compute Engine

Mackerel supports obtaining and monitoring Compute Engine metrics with Google Cloud Integration. When integrating with Google Cloud Integration, billable targets are determined using the conversion 1 Instance = 1 Standard Host. Google Cloud Integration can also be used together with mackerel-agent. In such cases, system metrics and custom metrics are integrated into one host (with no redundant charges).

Please refer to the following page for Google Cloud Integration configuration methods and a list of supported services.
Google Cloud Integration

Required API

The following API must be enabled in order to integrate Compute Engine.

  • Compute Engine API(

Required role

The following role is required for the service account in order to integrate Compute Engine.

  • Compute Viewer(roles/compute.viewer)

Obtaining metrics

The metrics obtainable with Google Cloud Integration’s Compute Engine support are as follows. For Metric explanations, refer to the Google Cloud documentation.

The maximum number of obtainable metrics is 10 + 11 × [disk name] + [packet drop source]

Graph name Index type Metric name in Mackerel Unit
CPU instance/cpu/utilization gce.instance.cpu.used percentage
Disk bytes instance/disk/read_bytes_count
gce.instance.disk_io.[disk name].read
gce.instance.disk_io.[disk name].write
Disk ops count instance/disk/read_ops_count
gce.instance.disk_ops.[disk name].read
gce.instance.disk_ops.[disk name].write
Disk throttled bytes instance/disk/throttled_read_bytes_count
gce.instance.disk-throttled_io.[disk name].[throttling source].read
gce.instance.disk-throttled_io.[disk name].[throttling origin].write
Disk throttled ops instance/disk/throttled_read_ops_count
gce.instance.disk-throttled_ops.[disk name].[throttling source].read
gce.instance.disk-throttled_ops.[disk name].[throttling origin].write
Network bytes instance/network/received_bytes_count
Network packets count instance/network/received_packets_count
Uptime instance/uptime gce.instance.uptime.uptime integer
Firewall dropped bytes firewall/dropped_bytes_count gce.firewall.dropped bytes
Firewall dropped packets count firewall/dropped_packets_count gce.firewall_packets.dropped integer
Mirroring bytes mirroring/mirrored_bytes_count gce.mirroring.mirroed bytes
Mirroring packets mirroring/mirrored_packets_count gce.mirroring_packets.mirrored integer
Mirroring packets dropped mirroring/dropped_packets_count gce.mirroring_packets_dropped.[packet drop source] integer
  • Enter the disk device name linked to the Compute Engine instance in place of [disk name] in "Metric name in Mackerel".
  • Enter an identifier for the packet drop source in place of [packet drop source] in "Metric name in Mackerel".
  • Enter an identifier for the throttling source such as PER_GB or PER_VM in place of [throttling source] in "Metric name in Mackerel".