AWS Integration - NLB

Mackerel supports obtaining and monitoring each Load Balancer metric of Elastic Load Balancing in AWS Integration. This page contains details about the Network Load Balancer (NLB). When integrating with AWS Integration, billable targets are determined using the conversion 1 NLB = 1 Micro Host. In addition to this, depending on the number of metrics retrieved, you may be charged for exceeding the maximum number of metrics per micro host.

Please refer to the following page for AWS Integration configuration methods and a list of supported AWS services.
AWS Integration

In addition, refer to our other help pages regarding Elastic Load Balancing; ALB and ELB (CLB).

Obtaining metrics

The metrics obtainable with AWS Integration’s NLB support are as follows. For Metric explanations, refer to the AWS help page.

The maximum number of metrics obtainable is 6 + 2 × (number of target groups).

Graph per Load Balancer

Graph name Metric Metric name in Mackerel Unit Statistics
Processed Bytes ProcessedBytes nlb.bytes.processed bytes Sum
TCP Flow ActiveFlowCount
integer Average
TCP Reset Packets TCP_Client_Reset_Count
integer Sum

Graph per Target Group

There can be multiple target groups per load balancer in Application Load Balancer and Network Load Balancer. The following metrics can be obtained for each target group in NLB. The metric name’s TARGET_GROUP_NAME will contain the name of the target group.

Graph name Metric Metric name in Mackerel Unit Statistics
Host Count HealthyHostCount
integer Average