Using Graph Widgets

Graph Widgets

Display graphs in custom dashboards with the use of Graph Widgets.

Creating a Graph Widget

Drag & drop the graph widget icon to determine where to place the widget.

Then select the type of graph to display in the widget. Choose from following graphs.

  • Host graph
  • Role graph
  • Service graph
  • Expression graph1
  • Query graph2

Next, select the graph display range. Choose from the following.

Enable changes
After editing the dashboard, changes can be made to the graph display range using the controller at the top of the screen or by selecting an area of the graph.
Specify a range relative to the current time
Specify the length and the end of the range relative to the current time. For example, use this when you want to display a graph of the same range one year ago.
Specify a fixed range
Always displays a graph of the specified range.

After your selections are complete, create the widget by clicking the Create button.

  1. Specifying graphs using expressions is an experimental feature.
  2. Query graph is currently a public beta feature.