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New feature: External URL Monitoring has been released!

This week’s Mackerel update:

External URL Monitoring has been released as an experimental feature

External URL Monitoring has been released. As we are offering this as an experimental feature, we hope you will give it a try. Feedback welcomed!

Status code monitoring of the specified URL will be executed in 1-minute intervals, sending alert notifications if a 4xx or 5xx status code is detected.

With this feature it is now possible to monitor not only internal metrics sent from the agent, but also external conditions that are accessed by general users.

This feature can only be used with a paid subscription or during the trial period.

For more information about External URL Monitoring please refer to the help page.

Additionally, information regarding the use of experimental features in Mackerel can also be found in the help page.

Moving forward, we are working to make External URL Monitoring an official feature in the near future. The team here at Mackerel bases development around the users’ needs. As such, your feedback, requests, and opinions are greatly appreciated.

The extended trial promotion period has ended

As was previously announced in last week’s blog post, the extended trial promotion period has ended. The trial plan period will now return to it’s original 2-week length.