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Download graphs as images; change account email address settings

Here at Mackerel our development team is employing the Scrum software development methodology, and we use the names of the 24 solar terms commonly recognized in East Asian calendars to name our sprints. Our current sprint is called “geshi”, Japanese for the summer solstice. It’s officially summer now so we hope everyone stays safe as it continues to heat up out there.

And now, this week’s Mackerel update:

Downloading graph images

A while back we added functionality for sharing graphs as images but until now only a link for embedding would be generated. With this week’s update we’ve made it so that it’s now possible to directly download any graph as an image.

This feature is quite useful when you need to capture the current status of any metric as a snapshot.

The download button can be found within the share button drop down window which is located in the top right-hand corner of graphs.

Just click the download button and that graph’s current view will be downloaded as an image from your browser.

It is now possible to change email address settings

From here: it is now possible to change your email address settings.

When changing email address settings, an email containing an authentication token URL will be sent to the new email address, and another email confirming the changes that have been made as well as steps to cancel those changes will be sent to the old email address.

Extended trial promotion ending soon

Our promotion extending the original 2 week trial to a month will soon be coming to an end. If you sign up before the promotion ends you will still be able to get the full experience of the trial plan for the full month.