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New feature: Custom Dashboards!

This week’s Mackerel update:

The Custom Dashboard feature has been released

With Custom Dashboards it is now possible to create unique dashboards using Markdown.

Also, in addition to iframe and image links, the share graph menus of all graphs will now generate text for Markdown.

Now users can create and customize dashboards by combining graphs from within Mackerel with links to monitoring targeted services and other necessary information.

This feature can only be used with a paid plan or during the trial period.

For more information please refer to the help page.

Get notifications with OpsGenie

OpsGenie is an alert management service that aggregates and sends notifications from a variety of monitoring tools such as Mackerel in accordance with notification rules configured in OpsGenie. Mobile notifications can be received as voice, SMS, or email.

Now OpsGenie can be used in conjunction with Mackerel.

For more information please refer to the help page.