Mackerel Meetup #10 in the books/Addition of uWSGI vassal plugin etc.

Hello! Mackerel sales engineer Inoue (id:a-know) here.

Yesterday, a lot of Mackerel users came to Microsoft’s lovely venue and joined us for the 10th Mackerel Meetup!

We started off the event with Mackerel producer Sugiyama (id:sugiyama88) talking about “Microsoft Azure Integration” and “Improving Windows support”. After that, MTI presenters talked about “Key points to monitoring Azure infrastructure with Mackerel” and presenters from Future Architect talked about “Vulnerability detection tools・Vuls and Mackerel integration concepts”. We also ran 5 lightning talks! Hopefully, everyone who attended the event was able to come away with something.

A huge shout-out to Microsoft for sharing such a great venue, to the presenters, and to all of our users who attended! The entire Mackerel team thanks you.

Keep your eyes open for the Mackerel Meetup #10 event report in a separate blog coming soon!

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

Addition of uWSGI vassal plugin

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.27.0 was released and the uWSGI vassal plugin has been added.

By using this plugin, metrics from the uWSGi server ran application (vassal) can easily be obtained with Mackerel. Yesterday, Hatena web operation engineer and the developer of this plugin id:kizkoh even made an announcement about it at the Mackerel Meetup.

Please note that you need to specify the uWSGI server --stats option to use this plugin.

Updates for mackerel-agent and more

In addition to mackerel-agent-plugins, the following updates were also made.


v0.42.3 has been released.

  • [Windows] Log output levels of the agent have been adjusted


v0.10.1 has been released.

  • Minor adjustments were made

【Notice】Regarding plans to change certain behaviors of the URL external monitor feature

Another announcement was made here this past Monday about plans to change behaviors regarding URL external monitoring response body checks and redirects. For those of you who have not checked the article, please do so.

Current specifications of the URL outline monitor feature and future plans are stated in the above article.

Mackerel booth at the Spring Cloud Computing EXPO

Mackerel is scheduled to run a booth at the “Cloud Computing EXPO · Spring” to be held from Wednesday, May 10th through Friday the 12th!

- クラウド コンピューティング EXPO | リードエグジビションジャパン (Japanese only)

I’ll be in the booth all three days, so if you’d like to talk about Mackerel or if you’re interested in hearing about what went down at the Meetup, by all means, stop on by!

Our next update blog will be on Friday, May 12th

Well, Golden Week (a Japanese holiday) is finally here. The Mackerel development team will be taking next week off, but I’m sure some people will be taking as much as 9 days off for some well deserved vacation.

Our next update announcement is scheduled for Friday, May 12th. Thank you for choosing Mackerel.