Graphs can now be shared with people who don’t have accounts etc.

Hello! Mackerel Team Director id:daiksy here.

Here is this week’s update information.

Graphs can now be shared with people who don’t have accounts

Mackerel has a graph sharing feature which allows graphs to be viewed in places other than from Mackerel's Web UI and in various formats such as an image or iframe. However, in order to do this, a Mackerel login account and a login session in the browser was necessary.

With this update, we’ve now released a graph sharing feature that allows anyone who knows the URL to view the graph.

Please be cautious when sharing as the range of disclosure is now wider than ever. Additionally, graphs shared with this feature are assigned new URLs and can be viewed in the shared graphs list.

You can invalidate the URL of the a shared graph and stop viewer access by deleting the graph from this list.

You can now check the attempt logs in the alert details of external monitoring when max attempts is configured

Up until now, even if the number of maximum attempts was configured, only the log at the moment an alert was opened was displayed in alert details of external monitoring. And because of a mixture of response time deterioration and status code error, it was sometimes difficult to understand why the alert was opened. Therefore, we decided to display all attempt logs, thus making it easier to understand why the alert occurred.

In the screenshot above, you can see that the past 3 minutes of average value monitoring, from 17:44 to 17:46, resulted in an alert condition HIT with 3 consecutive occurrences and shows that the alert opened at 17:46.

We are planning on applying similar improvements for check monitoring as well.

Announcing specification adjustments to the average value calculation method of metric monitoring

Next week we will be adjusting specifications of the average value calculation method for metric monitoring.

For more detailed information, please check out the following announcement.