Support for filtering by host name on the Hosts List screen has been added, and more

Hello, this is Nishiyama (id:tukaelu) from Mackerel Team CRE. I would like to provide some information about the latest updates.

Support for filtering by host name on the Hosts List screen has been added

In addition to filtering by service, role, and host status, filtering by host name is now supported on the Hosts List screen.

Filter by host name

When the number of managed hosts is large or when performing batch operations on hosts, the list can now be narrowed down more intuitively and quickly by host name. Be sure to make use of this convenient feature!

The URL external monitoring response time graph is now shown in units of milliseconds

The response time graph posted as a service metric when a service is linked to URL external monitoring has been updated to show units of milliseconds (ms), replacing the earlier lack of a displayed unit.

Response time is now shown in units of ms

If you have already changed from the default float to another unit of measure, the unit that was set will continue to be displayed. This can be changed from the graph definition in the gear icon in the upper right corner of the service metric graph.

Alert status visibility has been enhanced in the organization switch Select Box

The number of alerts in the Select Box to switch organizations at the upper left of the Web Console, previously shown uniformly in red regardless of the alert level, is now shown in a color that indicates the alert level.

The display for number of alerts changes with the alert level

When multiple alert levels are in effect, the number is shown in the color of the highest level: Critical (red), Warning (yellow), or Unknown (gray).

Azure integration is undergoing improvement

We have confirmed cases in which metrics linked through Azure integration are missing. To effect improvement, we are undertaking the following measures:

  • Update of the SDK used for Azure integration
  • Optimization of the acquisition of metrics from Azure

Please contact the Support Desk with any concerns about the use of Azure integration.

Mackerel Meetup #14 is finally taking place next week!

Mackerel Meetup #14, the first Mackeral Meeting in four years, is coming next week! The event will feature sharing and exchange of information on the status of Mackerel development, as well as talks by Mackerel users.

A few slots to participate remain. Mackerel users who have yet to apply are invited to do so!

We will also continue publishing blog posts in conjunction with the Meetup. We hope you will also read these articles!