Release of invitation API・You can now create alerts for check monitoring that do not automatically close etc.

Hello. Mackerel sales engineer id:a-know here.

I transitioned to my summer wardrobe the other day, but the mornings and nights are still kind of chilly. Although, this may be the most comfortable time of the year.

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

The invitation API has been released

You can now invite other user accounts to an organization with the API.

Invitations can be created by specifying an email address and user permission.

Use this for tasks like adding a large number of new members or when promoting automation in the flow of joining a company.

You can now create alerts for check monitoring that do not automatically close

By specifying the option prevent_alert_auto_close in mackerel-agent.conf, alerts opened for check monitoring will not automatically close.

A configuration example is shown below.

command = "check-log --file=/path/to/file --pattern=CRITICAL"
prevent_alert_auto_close = true

Alerts created for check monitoring with this option specified will not automatically close.

In log monitoring for example, alerts can be left open even if the problem string is no longer detected. Depending on the monitoring target and type, you can use this for different purposes.

Please note that with this option, max_check_attempts will always be treated as 1 when used with max_check_attempts .

Check out the following help page as well for more on check monitoring with Mackerel.

【Notice】Response check behavior of URL external monitoring will change

We made this announcement from this blog the other day, but currently, response body checks are not performed for 3xx type responses in Mackerel’s URL external monitoring feature.

Specification changes to perform this response body check will be carried out within the next week.

Following this specification change, for monitoring items with the “response body check” option set, it is probable that alerts will arise, so please take a moment to review the settings.

Mackerel booth at AWS Summit Tokyo 2017

Mackerel is set to run a booth the week after next at AWS Summit Tokyo 2017.

AWS Summit Tokyo 2017 |AWS

We are scheduled to be at the event from Wednesday, May 31st to Friday, June 2nd. Members of our sales team and even some of our engineers will be in attendance.

For any of you who want to talk about the technical side of Mackerel, by all means, stop on by!