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External monitoring now supports HTTP methods other than GET・mkr graph annotation support etc.

Signs of Spring are starting to show and with this season, comes the anxiety of allergies… It might be interesting to use Mackerel to try and monitor the amount of pollen spreading.

Here is this week’s update information.

External monitoring now supports HTTP methods other than GET

We’ve expanded the types of HTTP methods available for external monitoring.

The available methods are: GET POST PUT and DELETE .

Additionally, it is now possible to specify the accompanying request body.

This makes it possible to monitor various APIs from methods other than GET and allows for more versatile external monitoring.

Pagination for alerts with a long history

When a large amount of logs are recorded by check monitoring etc. in alert details, pagination can now be done to the history.

The most recent history along with the first 20 events since the alert occurred are displayed in first view, making it easier to grasp the details of alerts with long history.

Graph annotations are now supported in mkr

The recently released graph annotations are now supported in mkr.

Use the subcommand mkr annotations.



% mkr annotations create --service My-Machine --from 1480125301 --to 1486125301 --title "Deploy"


% mkr annotations list --service My-Machine --from 1480125301 --to 1486125301

        "id": "2VpN33ceumh",
        "title": "Deploy",
        "from": 1480125301,
        "to": 1486125301,
        "service": "My-Machine"


% mkr annotations update --id 2VpN33ceumh --service My-Machine --from 1485013461 --to 1485169804 --title "updated" --role Desktop --role Laptop

    "id": "2VpN33ceumh",
    "title": "updated",
    "from": 1485013461,
    "to": 1485169804,
    "service": "My-Machine",
    "roles": [


% mkr annotations delete --id 2VpN33ceumh

    "id": "2VpN33ceumh",
    "title": "updated",
    "from": 1485013461,
    "to": 1485169804,
    "service": "My-Machine",
    "roles": [

This week’s release details for mkr and mackerel-agent-plugins

  • mkr 0.14.3
    • graph annotation support
    • mkr monitor to handle more HTTP methods and request body
    • other minor adjustments
  • mackerel-agent-plugins 0.25.3
    • [multicore] corrected the bug regarding the tempfile not being created
    • [aws-rds] Aurora metrics now obtainable

Graph annotations can now be handled in service metric graphs etc.

Last week we announced that Mackerel will be running a booth at the 2017 Developers Summit and the event is quickly approaching!

Developers Summit 2017 エンジニアとして生きる、技術の先にある現実に踏み出す (Japanese only)

Mackerel will be there on both Thursday and Friday (February 16th and 17th) so if you’re planning on attending the event, by all means, stop by!

Graph annotations can now be handled in service metric graphs

Graph annotations, the new feature that was recently introduced at Mackerel Meetup #9, can now be viewed, registered, and edited not only in role graphs, but service metric graphs as well.

There are users who post figures such as sales proceeds and PV numbers as service metrics and I think it’s a good idea to register components such as “Commercial broadcasting start” and “Campaign period” as graph annotations.

Updates for mackerel-agent etc.

Updates have been made for mackerel-agent and more. Details are as follows.

mackerel-agent 0.39.4

  • agent event log was improved to output properly (for Windows)
  • refactoring and such were implemented

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.25.2

  • The mackerel-plugin-aws-rds metric name error was corrected
  • The matter of graph definitions not being created correctly in mackerel-plugin-aws-ses was fixed
  • The matter of metrics not being sent correctly in mackerel-plugin-aws-cloudfront was fixed

go-check-plugins 0.9.3

  • event logs of types Audit Success and Audit Failure can now be specified without spaces like --type=AuditSuccess

mkr 0.14.2

  • A reverse option has been added to the monitors diff command

A huge thanks to everyone who submitted pull requests for each OSS above!

Graph annotations are now supported in mackerel-client-go! etc.

We are receiving many responses to the graph annotations feature that was released last week. Thank you to all those who contributed!

We’re getting messages from users letting us know that they’ve tried the feature out and some have even posted blog entries.

Here is an example of a blog post written by user @lorentzca.

This user tried out combining Terraform, an infrastructure configuration management tool, and graph annotations to visually express in Mackerel’s role graphs when specific resource changes occur.

Being able to easily cooperate with all sorts of tools in this way is an important point in Mackerel’s development. Cooperating with a variety of different tools, not limited to Capistrano and Terraform, you can discover unseen merits. Try out various combinations and if one happens to be useful, let the Mackerel team know! (Please click “Feedback” at the top right of the management screen and/or use the hashtag #mackerelio on Twitter!)

Anywho, here is this week’s update information.

Graph annotations are now supported in mackerel-client-go!

We’re not trying to brag about their popularity, but graph annotations are now also supported in mackerel-client-go by golang client, officially offered by Mackerel.

Not only registering, but obtaining, updating, and deleting of graph annotations is supported.

I’m sure there are quite a few users out there who are creating tools with Go, so why not take this opportunity and try incorporating graph annotations?

Mackerel booth at the 2017 Developers Summit

Hatena is proud to be the Exhibition Sponsor for the 2017 Developers Summit which will be held on Thursday and Friday, February 16th-17th. Mackerel will also be running a booth at the event!

Developers Summit 2017 エンジニアとして生きる、技術の先にある現実に踏み出す

Supporting DevOps and promoting optimization is also one of Mackerel’s visions. If you’re interested in Mackerel, we would love for you to drop by the booth!

Graph annotations have been released! etc.

Hello! Sales engineer id:Soudai here.

I’ve only just joined the Mackerel team this month, but I’m excited to be able to bring you the update information! Up until last week, id:a-know was the main man behind these weekly update announcements, but now I’m taking the lead!

Mackerel Meetup #9 Tokyo was held the other day. I’ll be writing a separate post about this Meetup’s contents, so don’t miss it!

Anyways, here is this week’s update information!

Graph annotations have been released!!

The highly anticipated graph annotations has been released. With this feature, it is now possible to leave notes (annotations) on graphs about various events related to services and roles. The correlation between resource statuses with events including application deployment, batch processing, and business campaigns (such as TV commercials) can now be grasped, making data analysis more intuitive. This is a really useful feature and I highly recommend you try it out!

Notification titles are now abbreviated if they exceed the fixed length

With this update, notifications including Slack and email with extremely long titles will be shortened to 128 characters. This will make it easier to read notification titles that are too long. When abbreviated, “…” will be added to the end.

The Windows version of mackerel-agent has been updated (v0.39.3)

The matter of improper log levels being outputted in Windows’ Eventlog when verbose=true is set for the Windows version of mackerel-agent has been corrected. The segmentation fault problem that occurs when improper configs are read was also corrected.

go-check-plugins has been updated (v0.9.2)

In check-windows-eventlog, the option of searching by event ID and excluding certain messages has been added. Please verify this with the above mentioned Windows version of mackerel-agent.

Mackerel-agent-plugins has been updated (v0.25.1)

Thanks to a pull request we received from a user, mackerel-plugin-aws-rds has been updated! As a result, metrics for Amazon Aurora are now supported. Thank you to the user who submitted the pull request! Mackerel continues to grow with the help of its users.

Additionally, malfunctions in mackerel-plugin-jvm were fixed.

Please refer to the GitHub repository for more details.

The Windows version of mackerel-agent has been updated etc.

Hello! Mackerel sales engineer, id:a-know here.

id:Soudai just joined the Mackerel team this month and he’s already gotten the hang of things. I even got the chance to visit customers with him this week.

He has an impressive handle on a lot of different technical fields. Soon enough I plan on having him help out with this weekly blog update as well. Look forward to that!

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

The Windows version of mackerel-agent has been updated

The Windows version of mackerel-agent has been updated and the following items have been included in the package.

check-windows-eventlog is a plugin for monitoring Windows event logs. Not only can you monitor Application logs, but Security System logs as well.

For more details, refer to the GitHub repository.

Role graph display metric types are now saved in the browser

Display metric type (loadavg5 etc.) selection information regarding the role graphs displayed in the service details screen and when those graphs are displayed in full screen, is now saved in the browser.

As a result, the metric selection state is maintained even when you return to the service details screen from a different screen or when you reload the role graph’s full-screen display. This makes browsing more convenient.

If there is a query string in the URL when the role graph is in full screen display, that will take precedence.

Mackerel Meetup #9 next week!

The first official Mackerel event of 2017, Mackerel Meetup # 9, will be held next Thursday!

RecoChoku and KDDI will be taking to the podium to talk about Mackerel case studies. On top of that, Mackerel producer, id:sugiyama88 , is scheduled to introduce “New features to be implemented in 2017” and “Hatena’s thoughts on the future of infrastructure management/monitoring and its prospects”.

This time we’re also going to attempt to set up a special slot for bloggers!

In the following week of the event, participants that entered via the "bloggers slot" are required to write a report blog about attending Mackerel Meetup and publish it on the internet (※URLs of published blogs may be introduced on the official Mackerel blog). There are still some open slots, so by all means, apply!

mackerel-agent, mackerel-check-plugins, and mkr have been updated

Hello! This weekend is forecasted to be the strongest cold wave of the season with heavy snow and low temperatures touching along the northern part of Japan. It seems as though winter has arrived! Is everyone staying warm?

It appears as though I’ve already caught my SECOND cold of this season and I am currently reflecting on the mismanagement of my own health.

On a different note, the first official event of the new year, Mackerel Meetup #9, will be held on January 26th(Thurs.)!

We’ll be renting out Rekochoko’s fantastic space for the event venue. We plan on having presentations from both RecoChoku and KDDI as well as a presentation on Mackerel’s 2017 Development Road Map.

Incidentally, Mackerel has a history of being jinxed by bad weather on the day of official events, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Anywho, here is this week’s update information.

mackerel-agent, mackerel-check-plugins, and mkr have been updated

mackerel-agent, mackerel-check-plugins, and mkr have been updated. Details for each are as follows.

mackerel-agent 0.39.1

  • The problem of graph definitions not being correctly created when using mackerel-agent-plugins in a Windows environment has been fixed.
  • It is now possible to exclude metric collection from specific file systems in Windows environments.
    • As with environments such as Linux, by adding the following specification to mackerel-agent.conf, metrics will not be collected from the specified file systems.
ignore = "C:"

ignore specifies a regular expression. By all means, try applying it.

mackerel-check-plugins 0.9.1

  • It is now possible to specify glob in the --file option of the check-log plugin.

mkr 0.14.1

  • Minor adjustments

Mackerel-agent-plugins and go-check-plugins have been updated etc.

Happy New Year! This is the first feature update of 2017!

Continuing last year’s tradition, Mackerel plans on making weekly releases of all sorts of useful features throughout this year as well!

mackerel-agent-plugins, go-check-plugins have been updated

Both mackerel-agent-plugins and go-check-plugins have been updated. Details are as follows.

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.25.0

  • The stability of mackerel-plugin-docker has been improved.
  • In mackerel-plugins-apache2, metrics ending in a dot have been corrected.
    • Please note that this modification is not backwards compatible (For those previously using this feature, the metric name will change after the update).
  • Other minor modifications

go-check-plugins 0.9.0

  • The check-log plugin’s encoding option malfunction has been corrected.

id:Soudai has joined the Mackerel team!

On January 1st, a new member joined the Mackerel development team!! Welcome sales engineer, id:Soudai!!

株式会社はてなに入社しました - そーだいなるらくがき帳

Keep an eye out for him at future official events and seminars. If you see him, definitely say hello!

Here’s a comment from id:Soudai himself!

Happy New Year! I’m Sone (id:Soudai) and I joined the Mackerel team as a sales engineer on January 1st! I used Mackerel at my previous job all the time and now I’m excited to show you guys, from a user’s point of view, just how amazing it really is! I’m looking forward to meeting many of you in the future. Please feel free to contact me! Thank you very much!

Here’s to another great year!