Further adjustments and improvements to graphs, and other updates

This week’s Mackerel update:

Adjustments to the display of y-axis increments in graphs

The following adjustments have been made to graphing.

  • The highest value in range will not be shown on the y-axis.
  • At least 4 y-axis values will be displayed in graphs.

Additionally, with these adjustments, horizontal dotted guides which until now were not appearing inside stacked graphs will also be displayed.

Moving ahead we are planning to continue fine-tuning and improving graphs.

Information added to dialogue when manually closing an alert

More detailed information has been added to the previously basic confirmation dialogue box which is displayed when manually closing an alert, making confirming the outcome of this action more clear.

URLs ending with a “/” can now be accessed as well

Now any Mackerel URL ending with a “/” can be properly accessed, correcting a problem where URLs ending in “/” would result in a 404 error. From now on when entering any Mackerel URL in the address bar or as a link on a blog, the existence of a “/” is no longer a cause for concern.

Regarding a malfunction that arose on June 4th

On June 4th around 3:00 PM (JST), there was a situation where it had become temporarily difficult to connect to Mackerel. We would like to issue an apology to all of our users for any inconvenience caused by this.

To see the latest information and updates regarding Mackerel’s operational status, please refer to