Notification Groups: set notification targets for individual services and monitors. Other updates

This week’s Mackerel update:

This week we’re excited to release a feature which has been in high demand for quite some time…

Notification Groups

Before, it was possible in Mackerel to configure multiple notification channels, however, each of those channels would uniformly receive notifications for the same alerts.

Now with the introduction of notification groups, it’s possible to configure custom notification targets for individual monitoring rules or services. Notification targets can be organized, for example, in accordance with the level of importance of a monitoring target, making for a more flexible and personalized monitoring system.

For more information about how to use notification channels, please refer to our help page on the subject.

Deleting an organization

Until now when deleting an organization, it was only possible to do so by contacting Mackerel support via the submit feedback feature. With this update users will now have the ability to delete organizations manually.

Below are the required terms of organization deletion.

  • Deletion can only be carried out by the creator of the organization.
  • To delete an organization there must be no members other than the organization’s creator.