Assigning Unique URL Slugs for Custom Dashboards

This week’s Mackerel update:

Unique URL Slugs for Custom Dashboards

Recently we released the new Custom Dashboard feature which is used to create customizable pages in Mackerel using markdown. With this week’s update, unique URL slugs can now be assigned to your Custom Dashboards.

When creating a new Custom Dashboard, a randomly generated URL slug will be assigned, but this slug can easily be changed in the edit screen of that Dashboard. In addition, the URLs of any Custom Dashboards that were created prior to this update can also edited.

Improvements made to Channel Settings Page

In the Notification Channels list, each channel will now show which notification groups it is included in. By clicking on the small icon next to the name of one of the notification groups that are displayed, the page will automatically scroll up to the corresponding notification group.

This small adjustment will make management of notifications easier for those users with multiple channels and groups in their organization.

Mackerel on Rebuild!

Rebuild is a Japanese podcast geared toward developers, featuring discussions on tech, software development and gadgets. On July 22nd Mackerel team director Masayuki Matsuki (@songmu) made an appearance on the show to briefly introduce Mackerel.

Quite a few of us at Mackerel, myself included, have been regular listeners of Rebuild for a while now. The podcast is, however, in Japanese, so for those of you who are Japanese speakers or learners of the language, we hope you’ll give it a try!

Rebuild: 101: Before And After Refactoring (Dice)

mackerel-agent 0.19.0 released

mackerel-agent 0.19.0 has been released!

With this update, the following changes and adjustments have been made.

  • GoogleCloudPlatform metadata can now be collected
  • corrected insufficient handling of PID in OS X
  • made it so mackerel-agent -once only takes one second
  • adjustments made to shutdown sequence in rpm/src/mackerel-agent.initd