The release of the Alert Status widget and more

Hello. CRE Nishiyama (id:tukaelu) here.

The rugby world cup is really heating up. With Japan’s upset over Ireland, I really hope that they can advance for the first time!

Now on to this week’s update information.

The release of the Alert Status widget

The Alert Status widget has been added to the widgets available for custom dashboards.


With the Alert Status widget, you can display the alert statuses of all the hosts that belong to that role, arranged in order of Unknown, Critical, Warning, OK, and you can access each host details screen by clicking on their icons.

This makes it easier to keep an eye on host statuses and is particularly handy when numerous hosts belong to one role!

This function was actually implemented by students who participated in the Hatena Internship program, so be sure to try it out!!

Display of the date and time at which monitors are created/updated is now supported

The date and time at which a monitor is created/updated is now displayed.


The date and time at which a monitor was last updated is displayed from the Monitors list and both the date and time at which a monitor was created and last updated are displayed at the top of the monitor’s details page.

The registration error when a NIC name cannot be retrieved with Mackerel-agent for Windows has been resolved

Previously, a host registration error would occur when the NIC name could not be retrieved, but this problem was corrected with the mackerel-agent v0.63.0 to register without the unnamed NIC.