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go-check-plugins update

Hello. Mackerel team CRE id:a-know here bringing you this week’s updates.

go-check-plugins update

go-check-plugins has been updated to v0.32.0. The following functional changes were made.

  • [check-http] Authentication information for Basic authentication can now be specified in the form of --user USER:PASSWORD
  • [check-procs] The --pattern option can now be specified multiple times. The following is a usage example.
$ check-procs -p "sshd" -p "bash"
Procs OK:
Found 5 matching processes; cmd /sshd/
Found 2 matching processes; cmd /bash/

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

We’ve increased the number of seats for Mackerel Drink Up #9 Tokyo on October 23rd!

Due to high interest, we’ve increased the limited number of spots available to attend the recently announced Mackerel Drink Up #9 Tokyo! (Japanese only)

The theme of this event is “Recent Updates”. Thankfully, the LT quota has already been filled. There are still a few spots left, so please consider taking a break in the middle of the week and join us!