Timed mute can now be set per monitoring rule etc.

Hello! Mackerel team CRE, Inoue (id:a-know) here.

Last week, we ran a booth at the Developers Summit 2018.

We received a ton of visitors and handed out a lot of the new flyers that were specially made for this event. Helping run the booth, I personally got to meet many people face to face and it was a unique experience. Thank you all very much.

Now on to this week’s updates.

Timed mute can now be set per monitoring rule

Even before this update, it was possible to mute notifications for a specified period of time for all monitoring rules, but now, we’ve made it possible to implement this per monitoring rule.

We think that this can be useful for times when you already know that a problem has occurred or when you want to temporarily suppress notifications for issues that are currently being dealt with.

You can now check the attempt log in alert details when max attempts is configured for check monitoring

We announced an equivalent feature update for external monitoring on February 2nd. With this update, this feature can now be used with check monitoring alerts.

This can be particularly useful for monitoring conditions where alerts can occur for multiple reasons. Give it a try!