Character limit for monitoring rule notes has been raised, and more

Hello. This is the Mackerel team's CRE, id:kmuto. Here are the details of this update:

Character limit for monitoring rule notes has been raised

The character limit has been raised from 250 to 2048, allowing for more detailed information in notifications. Anyone who has dealt with inconveniences like being unable to insert long URLs, be sure to make use of this update.

Mackerel-statsd has been released on mackerelio-labs

Mackerel stores metrics with a one-minute interval, but for some applications or services the monitored value can change drastically within one-minute.

As one example of a solution to this issue, we've released the application "mackerel-statsd," which uses a lightweight StatsD protocol to collect and store metric values and post the one-minute total, or average, minimum, and maximum values to Mackerel as metrics.

Sample applications are included:

The StatsD protocol is pretty simple and easy to implement in your application. Please give it a try.

We introduced mackerel-sql-metric-collector before, but the Mackerel team also releases software resulting from new initiatives on the mackerelio-labs GitHub Organization.

We improved accessibility

We've enabled keyboard focusing for the following operations.

  • External monitoring: Add/Delete button for HTTP request headers
  • Service: Menu and buttons in the downtime pop-up window

Notice: The version of MongoDB supported by mackerel-plugin-mongodb will be changed

Previously, mackerel-plugin-mongodb was compatible with versions 2.2 to 4.2 of MongoDB. However, the supported version will now be changed and the following versions will be supported:

  • MongoDB 3.6 and later (4.0, 4.2, 4.4, 5.0, 6.0)

This change fixes an issue where the plugin was not working with recent MongoDB releases. Accordingly, support for lower versions will be discontinued.

Versions to which this change will be applied

mackerel-agent-plugins v0.78.0

For users who are currently using older versions of MongoDB

The plugin is included in the mackerel-agent-plugins package, but updating the package to maintain older versions of MongoDB that are no longer supported can cause inconvenience, such as reluctance to update the package. To alleviate this, we have made the traditional mackerel-plugin-mongodb v1.0.0 available for installation via the mkr plugin install command. Users who are currently using older versions of MongoDB can continue to use this version.

mkr plugin install mackerelio/mackerel-plugin-mongodb@v1.0.0

The binary files can be downloaded from GitHub.

Please be aware that usage and troubleshooting for the plugin obtained through this method are not covered by our support.

We improved a few issues in Terraform Provider Mackerel

  • Fixed an issue with crashing when the range of the dashboard graph widget was unspecified during application.
  • Fixed an issue where dashboard widget blocks such as role or layout which should only accept single setting could syntactically accept multiple settings.

Please see the below for more on Terraform Provider Mackerel:

We improved a few issues in the OSS package

  • Fixed an issue with dependency on new glibc in the Linux version of the mackerel-plugin-json plugin which gets metrics from JSON, and enabled working in environments with old glibc.
  • Fixed an issue where installing mackerel-agent on Windows failed under certain conditions.

Reminder: The system will temporarily shut down for scheduled maintenance on March 8th (Wed.)

As we informed you recently, due to planned maintenance, the Mackerel system will be temporary suspended on the following date. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you, and thank you for your kind understanding.

  • March 8th, 2023 (Wed) 2pm to 4pm (JST).
    • Our systems will be temporarily suspended during the hours outlined above.
    • The above is the longest case. The system will resume as soon as the maintenance is completed.
    • As we are carrying out some database maintenance work, this time period will also include the time required to perform any necessary database rollbacks if any issues are encountered. If the maintenance work is completed smoothly, we would expect to finish the work earlier than planned.

Please see the below for more information: