Specifications for the average value calculation method of metric monitoring have been adjusted & notes can now be configured in check monitoring etc.

Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here. Hello!

"Mackerel Meetup # 11", an official Mackerel event, was held this Monday the 5th. The following is the report that I wrote the day after the event. (Japanese only)

Even some participants have written blogs about the event. (Japanese only)

At the event, we received a lot of helpful comments, impressions, and requests from many different people. Some of them are even already moving quickly within the team. So keep your eye on Mackerel 2018!

Now on to this week’s update information.

Specifications for the average value calculation method of metric monitoring have been adjusted

The other day, an advanced notice was published on this blog announcing the specification adjustment for the average value calculation method of metric monitoring. These adjustments were implemented with this week’s release.

With this release, average value monitoring is now done using the calculated value based on the number of metric postings. Now, even metrics posted at intervals of 5 minutes that were previously skipped, will be subject to correct average value monitoring.

Notes can now be configured in check monitoring settings

command = "ruby /path/to/check-ssh.rb"
memo = "This check monitor is ..."

As stated above, it is now possible to configure notes in the check monitoring settings of mackerel-agent. The character string specified here can be checked in alert notifications / the alert details screen / the host details page. Using these notes, you can inform the person receiving the alert about initial operations, monitoring meanings, as well as metric items that should be checked, etc. In order to use this feature, mackerel-agent needs to be updated to the latest version, v 0.52.0.

mackerel-agent now supported with Amazon Linux 2!

mackerel-agent can now be installed on Amazon Linux 2 LTS Candidate (2017.12). Sorry to keep you all waiting!

Updates for Mackerel related OSS

Updates for various Mackerel related OSS were made this week and the details follow below.

mackerel-agent-plugins v0.44.0

  • [aws-elasticsearch] -metric-key-prefix option added
  • mackerel-plugin-aws-s3-requests was newly added
    • The number of requests and latency etc. can now be monitored with S3 bucket with CloudWatch request metrics enabled.

mackerel-check-plugins v0.17.0

  • [ntpoffset] Check processing system was improved
  • [check-tcp] -W option added
    • The error level when an unexpected error occurs can now be fixed at Warning .

Thank you to everyone who contributed Pull Requests!

【2/15 〜 2/16】Mackerel at the 2018 Developers Summit!

Developers Summit 2018, a festival for IT engineers and developers, will be held on Thursday and Friday of next week (February 15th-16th). The Mackerel team’s very own Development Director Kasuya (id:daiksy) and I, Inoue (id:a-know), will be giving presentations at the event. Kasuya will present on the first day (Thursday 2/15) and I will present on the second (Friday, 2/16)!

リモートワークは難しい - それでもぼくらは歯をくいしばってやっていく - Developers Summit 2018 (Japanese only)

「自分」をまるごと活かす!私が“CRE”というキャリアを選んだ理由 - Developers Summit 2018 (Japanese only)

The team will also be running a booth to introduce Mackerel on both days of the event. At the booth, we are preparing a little present give-away, so be sure to come and visit us at the festival!