Azure Integration release

Hello, Sales engineer Inoue (id:a-know) here.

I usually work in our Tokyo office and Japan has been in the rainy season for a short while now, but compared to a normal year, I feel like we’ve had less rainy days and more overcast ones. I recently learned that in forecast terminology, a rainy season like this is referred to as a “negative rainy season”.

I don’t really do well in the heat, so if the temperature stays cool, I’m fine with it.

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

Azure Integration release

We announced its development at Mackerel Meetup #9, but now Azure Integration has been released.

Mackerel is a push-type server monitoring service that collects and monitors metrics usually by installing agent software (mackerel-agent), but this agent cannot be installed for cloud platform managed services.

Mackerel’s integration feature is used for aggregating information of such a service, and this time, Azure SQL Database is the target. Of course, we plan to expand this target in the future.

Each Azure cloud product will be registered as one host in Mackerel and therefore be counted as a billable host. Additionally, the API of Azure will be called every 5 minutes for each targeted metric to be obtained. Please take note, for this reason, an Azure Monitor API usage fee may occur.

Metrics obtained with Azure integration are handled the same way as the host metrics obtained by the agent and monitor configurations are also possible.

You can setup the Azure integration here. In addition, we’ve prepared a detailed help page in regards to the setup process, so definitely check that out (this function is only offered in the Trial plan and Standard plan).