Azure Integration now supports Virtual Machines

I can’t believe that it’ll already be December next week. It feels like we just celebrated Halloween...

But with December comes the end of year Advent Calendar! Thanks to all of you, Mackerel’s Advent Calendar is filling up little by little. (Japanese only)

There are still spots available, so please join us!

Now onto this weeks update information.

Azure Integration now supports Virtual Machines

Mackerel's integration feature lets you monitor cloud services without having to introduce an agent, and Azure integration now supports Virtual Machines!

For information on available metrics, check out the the following help page.

This feature is also available if currently using virtual machines with the agent installed.

Even if you use both, they can be managed as one host (the metrics collected with the integration feature will be integrated as "custom metrics" of that host), so it’s possible to aggregate metrics in Mackerel that can’t be collected by the agent alone. And of course, a usage fee for only one host will be charged. Be sure to give it a try!