Azure Files can now be monitored with Azure Integration and more

Hello. Mackerel team CRE Inoue (id:a-know) here with another update announcement.

Azure Files can now be monitored with Azure Integration

It is now possible to monitor Azure Files with Azure integration. Azure Files is a fully managed service for file sharing that can be accessed via SMB and NFS protocols.

With this you can visualize and monitor the metrics listed in the help page linked below.

See the following help page for more on how to set up Azure Integration.

New metric targets added for Azure Integration・Application Gateway

Newly obtainable metric targets have been added for Azure / Application Gateway Integration. The new metrics are Listener related and listed below.

  • Application Gateway Total
    • azure.application_gateway.application_gateway_total_time.#.milliseconds
  • Bytes Sent/Received
    • azure.application_gateway.bytes_sent_received.#.sent
    • azure.application_gateway.bytes_sent_received.#.received
  • Client RTT
    • azure.application_gateway.client_rtt.#.milliseconds
  • Client TLS Protocol
    • azure.application_gateway.tls_protocol.#.nontls
    • azure.application_gateway.tls_protocol.#.tlsv1
    • azure.application_gateway.tls_protocol.#.tlsv1_1
    • azure.application_gateway.tls_protocol.#.tlsv1_2

The "#" in the metric name is a placeholder for the Listener information of the target application gateway. Check out the help page linked below for more details.

On top of these additions, the number of metrics changes from 25 to 33 for both Standard V2 and WAF V2, and will be converted into 2 micro hosts.

OSS Updates

The following updates have been made to Mackerel related OSS. A big thank you to everyone who contributed!


  • [mysql] An issue was fixed where the labels innodb_tables_in_use and innodb_locked_tables in the MySQL innodb Tables In Use graph were reversed.


  • [check-disk] The output result is now sorted by usage rate.