Updates for mackerel-agent-plugins and fluent-plugin-mackerel

Hello. Mackerel sales engineer Inoue (id:a-know) here.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of July, and just like that, half the year has already come and gone. How about this weather though? The seasonal wave of humidity is definitely upon us. Food spoils easily this time of year so be careful everyone.

Anyways, here is this week’s update information.

mackerel-agent-plugins updates

mackerel-agent-plugins has been updated and is now version 0.28.1. There is quite a lot of new content, so we’ll go over this topic below.

mackerel-plugin-accesslog has been added

mackerel-plugin-accesslog has been added to the mackerel-agent-plugins package. By using this, it is possible to classify and aggregate the access logs for each status code output in Apache log format or LTSV format, and visualize the breakdown.

In Posting Service Metrics with fluentd - Mackerel Docs, the example “Post the number of requests for each status code from Nginx’s access log to service metrics” uses fluentd and fluent-plugin-mackerel. Aggregation like this can easily be done now with this plugin. By all means, try it out!

mackerel-plugin-postgres now supports PostgreSQL 9.6

Updates were made for mackerel-plugin-postgres and PostgreSQL 9.6 is now supported. To everyone who submitted requests, sorry to keep you waiting!

Other updates

  • [postgres] metric-key-prefix option supported
  • [aws-dynamodb] package added
  • Other minor adjustments

fluent-plugin-mackerel has been updated

fluent-plugin-mackerel has been updated to version 1.0.0.

fluentd v.0.14.x versions are now supported with this update. In other words, since the latest version of fluent-plugin-mackerel is not available for earlier fluentd versions, either update your version of fluentd or stay with fluentd-plugin-mackerel version 0.1.3.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to mackerel-agent-plugins and fluent-plugin-mackerel!!