New user permissions・Stoppage notice for several OS support etc.

The first week following the Golden Week holidays is almost over…

Refreshed from the holiday break, the Mackerel development team continues its’ daily feature development.

This week we released a fairly big change.

Here is this week’s update.

New user permissions

New user permissions have been released and were announced in the entry below.

The three user permissions used up until now; “Owner”, “Editor”, and “Viewer” have been changed to “Owner”, “Manager”, “Collaborator” and “Viewer”.

“Collaborator” is the newly established permission which has the authority to make changes to monitoring configurations, services and roles, etc., but has limited control of operations concerned with the organization as a whole.

For more detailed information about the concepts of each permission and the changes made, check out the announcement blog entry above or the help page below.

Support for several OS has been stopped

We previously made this announcement which you read in the blog entry below, but the following OS support has ended.

  • CentOS5
  • Debian6
  • Ubuntu12.04

Although support has ended, problems such as mackerel-agent suddenly not running or server monitoring failing will not occur. Additionally, there are no plans to delete package repositories etc. at the moment. However, we can not guarantee that mackerel-agent will run with future updates.

From now on as well, Mackerel plans to stop OS support according to the support end date of each OS. Regarding the supported environments of Mackerel and mackerel-agent, please refer to the following page.

services subcommand added to mkr

mkr 0.16.0 has been released.

services has been added to the mkr subcommands and service information can now be retrieved.

$ mkr services
        "name": "sample service",
        "roles": [
        "name": "mackerelio"
        "name": "personal-server",
        "roles": [

Other updates for mackerel-agent, mackerel-agent-plugins and more are as follows.

  • mackerel-agent 0.43.0
    • The problem regarding the Windows version agent retrieving the transfer amount rather than the access count for the IOPS has been fixed
    • HTTP/2 support
  • mackerel-agent-plugins 0.27.1
    • Minor modifications
  • mkr 0.16.0
    • services subcommand added