Graph annotations are now supported in mackerel-client-go! etc.

We are receiving many responses to the graph annotations feature that was released last week. Thank you to all those who contributed!

We’re getting messages from users letting us know that they’ve tried the feature out and some have even posted blog entries.

Here is an example of a blog post written by user @lorentzca.

This user tried out combining Terraform, an infrastructure configuration management tool, and graph annotations to visually express in Mackerel’s role graphs when specific resource changes occur.

Being able to easily cooperate with all sorts of tools in this way is an important point in Mackerel’s development. Cooperating with a variety of different tools, not limited to Capistrano and Terraform, you can discover unseen merits. Try out various combinations and if one happens to be useful, let the Mackerel team know! (Please click “Feedback” at the top right of the management screen and/or use the hashtag #mackerelio on Twitter!)

Anywho, here is this week’s update information.

Graph annotations are now supported in mackerel-client-go!

We’re not trying to brag about their popularity, but graph annotations are now also supported in mackerel-client-go by golang client, officially offered by Mackerel.

Not only registering, but obtaining, updating, and deleting of graph annotations is supported.

I’m sure there are quite a few users out there who are creating tools with Go, so why not take this opportunity and try incorporating graph annotations?

Mackerel booth at the 2017 Developers Summit

Hatena is proud to be the Exhibition Sponsor for the 2017 Developers Summit which will be held on Thursday and Friday, February 16th-17th. Mackerel will also be running a booth at the event!

Developers Summit 2017 エンジニアとして生きる、技術の先にある現実に踏み出す

Supporting DevOps and promoting optimization is also one of Mackerel’s visions. If you’re interested in Mackerel, we would love for you to drop by the booth!