Aurora PostgreSQL is now supported with mackerel-plugin-aws-rds etc.

Hello! Mackerel team CRE Miura (id:missasan) here.

The Mackerel team has developed a custom scrum that best fits the Mackerel team. Wherein, one of the roles of the CRE is to pass on user feedback to the development team. As a rookie CRE, some of my team members recommended that I read a book called "SCRUM BOOT CAMP THE BOOK" to learn more about how Scrums work. It was really useful in helping me understand the rhythm of how the development team works and what kinds of things they value. Learning things like how team members with different roles work together is usually gradual over a period of time, but I think that it was really beneficial to first read about these aspects to some extent in a book.

I’m going to continue to keep pace with the development team and figure out how to pass on feedback more smoothly.

Now on to this week’s update information.

Aurora PostgreSQL is now supported with mackerel-plugin-aws-rds

With the update of mackerel-agent-plugins v0.49.0, Aurora PostgreSQL is now supported with mackerel-plugin-aws-rds. Additionally, Burst Balance was added and metric units were modified.

The graph header’s metric title can now be viewed in full text with tooltip

As shown in the image below, when you move the cursor over the metric name, tooltip now displays the metric title in full text.

--suppress-pattern option added to hide monitor patterns with check-log notifications

With the release of mackerel-check-plugins v0.20.0, the --suppress-pattern option was added to hide the specified monitor pattern in the check plugin check-log notification messages for log monitoring.

To everyone who contributed Pull Requests for mackerel-agent-plugins and mackerel-check-plugins, thank you very much!

Mackerel at AWS Summit Tokyo / Osaka 2018!

The Mackerel team will be running a booth at AWS Summit Tokyo / Osaka 2018 ! Check out the event details below.

  • AWS Summit Tokyo 2018
    • Schedule:May 30th (Wed.) - June 1st (Fri.)
    • Venue:Grand Prince Hotel New Takanwa
  • AWS Summit Osaka 2018

At the event, we’ll be giving out folding fans newly designed by our Mackerel Team Designers. Since the weather is getting hotter, they’ll be sure to come in handy!

So definitely stop by the Mackerel booth if you get the chance!