Graph annotations have been released! etc.

Hello! Sales engineer id:Soudai here.

I’ve only just joined the Mackerel team this month, but I’m excited to be able to bring you the update information! Up until last week, id:a-know was the main man behind these weekly update announcements, but now I’m taking the lead!

Mackerel Meetup #9 Tokyo was held the other day. I’ll be writing a separate post about this Meetup’s contents, so don’t miss it!

Anyways, here is this week’s update information!

Graph annotations have been released!!

The highly anticipated graph annotations has been released. With this feature, it is now possible to leave notes (annotations) on graphs about various events related to services and roles. The correlation between resource statuses with events including application deployment, batch processing, and business campaigns (such as TV commercials) can now be grasped, making data analysis more intuitive. This is a really useful feature and I highly recommend you try it out!

Notification titles are now abbreviated if they exceed the fixed length

With this update, notifications including Slack and email with extremely long titles will be shortened to 128 characters. This will make it easier to read notification titles that are too long. When abbreviated, “…” will be added to the end.

The Windows version of mackerel-agent has been updated (v0.39.3)

The matter of improper log levels being outputted in Windows’ Eventlog when verbose=true is set for the Windows version of mackerel-agent has been corrected. The segmentation fault problem that occurs when improper configs are read was also corrected.

go-check-plugins has been updated (v0.9.2)

In check-windows-eventlog, the option of searching by event ID and excluding certain messages has been added. Please verify this with the above mentioned Windows version of mackerel-agent.

Mackerel-agent-plugins has been updated (v0.25.1)

Thanks to a pull request we received from a user, mackerel-plugin-aws-rds has been updated! As a result, metrics for Amazon Aurora are now supported. Thank you to the user who submitted the pull request! Mackerel continues to grow with the help of its users.

Additionally, malfunctions in mackerel-plugin-jvm were fixed.

Please refer to the GitHub repository for more details.