Graph annotations can now be handled in service metric graphs etc.

Last week we announced that Mackerel will be running a booth at the 2017 Developers Summit and the event is quickly approaching!

Developers Summit 2017 エンジニアとして生きる、技術の先にある現実に踏み出す (Japanese only)

Mackerel will be there on both Thursday and Friday (February 16th and 17th) so if you’re planning on attending the event, by all means, stop by!

Graph annotations can now be handled in service metric graphs

Graph annotations, the new feature that was recently introduced at Mackerel Meetup #9, can now be viewed, registered, and edited not only in role graphs, but service metric graphs as well.

There are users who post figures such as sales proceeds and PV numbers as service metrics and I think it’s a good idea to register components such as “Commercial broadcasting start” and “Campaign period” as graph annotations.

Updates for mackerel-agent etc.

Updates have been made for mackerel-agent and more. Details are as follows.

mackerel-agent 0.39.4

  • agent event log was improved to output properly (for Windows)
  • refactoring and such were implemented

mackerel-agent-plugins 0.25.2

  • The mackerel-plugin-aws-rds metric name error was corrected
  • The matter of graph definitions not being created correctly in mackerel-plugin-aws-ses was fixed
  • The matter of metrics not being sent correctly in mackerel-plugin-aws-cloudfront was fixed

go-check-plugins 0.9.3

  • event logs of types Audit Success and Audit Failure can now be specified without spaces like --type=AuditSuccess

mkr 0.14.2

  • A reverse option has been added to the monitors diff command

A huge thanks to everyone who submitted pull requests for each OSS above!